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Tuition Waiver Policies



    The purpose of this policy is to outline the tuition waiver program. This policy complies with the Merit System Rules, and all agreements between the State of New Jersey and the organized employee units. This policy will be in effect subject to the availability of funds.  


    The tuition waiver program provides tuition assistance to employees who take approved courses at the university where they are employed on their own time. Employees requesting a tuition waiver must agree to pursue all such course work at a time other than at times when the employee is scheduled for regular or emergency work assignments at the University. Attendance and related responsibilities must in no way adversely affect the efficiency or employment of such staff members.  

    Eligible employees – All full-time, permanent employees are eligible for this Tuition Waiver Program.  

    Ineligible Employees
    A. Employees in temporary or provisional status. (Provisional employees will be considered for eligibility on a case by case basis).
    B. Employees who are receiving or are eligible to receive scholarship and/or tuition assistance through other public or private agency resources.
    C. Employees whose last performance evaluation is unsatisfactory or below standard.

    Amount of benefit The maximum amount of waiver available per person is not to exceed the cost of six credits per semester or education program. (CWA employees are eligible to receive up to twenty-four credits per calendar year.) 

    Programs and courses covered – All courses taken at the university for employees in an approved course of study. When an employee is on an approved program of study under the tuition waiver program and a course under that program is either not available or oversubscribed at the university where the employee works, an exception will be granted to the employee to take such course at another university if such course is taught at the other institution.  

    Ineligible programs and courses  

    A. Education and/or training that may be obtained through State or other resources at a lesser cost.
    B. Education and/or training for which employees are eligible to receive remuneration through scholarships or assistance other than that available from the college. C. Tuition waivers for non-credit courses will not be granted unless space is available.

    Expenses not covered - Travel, book and fee expenses are ineligible under this program.  

    Grade requirements - Employees who do not satisfactorily complete courses for which tuition waiver had been granted, or receive a grade below "C", shall be required to reimburse the University for all waived costs. Until such reimbursement has been made, no further waivers will be available to that employee.  


    Any eligible person wishing to take a course at New Jersey City University must complete a New Jersey City University Tuition Waiver Form available in the Human Resources Department. The Human Resources Director will review the completed form and submit the approved waiver form to the Bursar's Office.  

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