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    Counseling and Wellness Services Mission Statement

    The New Jersey City University Counseling and Wellness Services department, comprised of the NJCU Counseling Center and the NJCU Health and Wellness Center, is dedicated to promoting the physical and emotional well-being of the members of the University community. Our Centers and personnel maintain strict confidentiality, function in a professional atmosphere, and hold to the highest clinical and ethical standards of care. Services provided are accessible and responsive, culturally competent, and support the acquisition of knowledge, skills and behavior necessary to recover, build and maintain healthy, balanced lifestyles. We promote self-awareness and teach effective self-care and wellness strategies, as well as encourage personal responsibility and empowerment. Furthermore, in response to the changing needs of the NJCU community, our staff members are committed to ongoing training and their professional growth and development.

    The Counseling and Wellness Department staff work collaboratively to provide high quality care to members of the University community. We maintain confidentiality and have a commitment to ethical practices. All people are treated with respect and sensitivity, and we are committed to providing services that recognize and support each individual as a unique being. 

    Health & Wellness Center Mission Statement

    The mission of the NJCU Health & Wellness Center (H&WC) is to provide preventive and primary health care and health education to the members of the University community in a manner which exhibits compassion, professionalism, and excellence. This care will be provided in a timely fashion, in a supportive, respectful, and non-judgmental atmosphere.

    The H&WC will maintain commitment to ethical practices in patient care and confidentiality and will embrace and promote the diversity of our community by providing services that recognize and support each individual as a unique being. The staff, in collaboration with other programs on campus, will inform and educate the University community about the health implications of various behaviors and assist its members to acquire the knowledge to advocate for themselves as informed consumers of health care services, now and in the future.

    Counseling Center Mission Statement

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