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Student Health Insurance 2013-2014

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    (Updated 06/05/2014)  

    Enrollment for Student Health Insurance for the Academic Year 2013/2014 is now CLOSED.

    This page regarding the 2013/2014 policy, is for informational purposes only.

    All full-time undergraduate and graduate students at NJCU will be assessed a fee for student health/hospitalization insurance.  NJCU participates in a NJ State College Consortium negotiating the best price for Student Insurance.  The cost for this policy is $1,050.00 for Undergraduate students and $1,505.00 for Graduate students. The fee for the insurance policy is automatically added to the tuition bill/statements of full-time students. Student Health Insurance policy is through First Student /United HealthCare. Policy details can be found at www.firststudent.com.
    The 2013/2014 full year policy begins on August 2nd, 2013 and ends on August 1st, 2014. Your policy is an independent contract between yourself and the insurance company. NJCU is not the provider of your insurance or the approver of your benefits.  
     If you are a  NEW Spring 2014 full-time student, you will be charged for student health insurance.  That policy will run from 01/01/14 - 08/01/14.
    • $613.00 for Undergraduate Students 
    • $878.00 for Graduate Students   

    Insurance Waiver 

    If full-time students are covered by another comparable health insurance policy, they may chose to waive the insurance charge by completing a waiver (by the stated deadline) through the insurance website www.firststudent.com.
    Billing questions should be directed to the Bursar's Office, Hepburn Hall, Room 106.
    1. Annual Waiver Deadline: 9/26 /13  
    2. Spring/Summer Waiver Deadline: 2/18/14 

    Step-by-Step instructions for waiving out of the insurance on-line. 


    Optional insurance for part-time students and dependents: 

    Part-time students will not be able to enroll in the insurance this year.