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The Affordable Care Act



    How will it affect you, if your currently have student health insurance?


    Student Health Insurance and the Affordable Care Act.

    Currently, in Fall 2013, there are 1688 NJCU students covered by the student health insurance plan. If you are one of those students, you might be wondering if the Affordable Care Act will have any effect on the insurance coverage that your currently have during this 2013/2014 policy period, which ends on August 1st, 2014.

    The good news is that the Affordable Care Act will not affect your current student insurance policy for 2013/2014. You do not have to do anything during the open enrollment period that is now in effect (since October 1st, 2013).

    The additional good news is that the student health insurance policy at NJCU is already compliant with the new requirements of the Affordable Care Act. The current policy meets or exceeds all standards of coverage required, and has kept pace with all the phased in standards since 2011. The Affordable Care Act has required that insurance companies provide a certain standard of coverage for all insured persons. Improved coverage is why your insurance policy costs more this year.

    Why do college students need health insurance anyway?

    Besides health coverage being required by the Affordable Care Act, students need to understand that despite coming from a traditionally healthy demographic, college age students are not the “young invincibles” that they might think they are. Student illness, whether short term or chronic ,can strike at any age as well as accidental injury. Lack of adequate insurance coverage should never be a barrier for students to obtain the necessary health care they need to stay in school. Being able to access care through insurance will help in preventing students from having to interrupt their studies due to illness, and also will help avoid incurring overwhelming debt to pay for unforeseen health care expenses.

    If you have the student health insurance coverage, please make sure that you know and understand the benefits. To read more about the policy go to http://www.firststudent.com/schools/NewJerseyCityUniversity.htm. Specific coverage questions cannot be answered by employees at NJCU, as we do not work for your insurance company. Please visit the insurance Customer Service Center at http://www.firststudent.com/schools/NewJerseyCityUniversity/customer_services.htm . On that page you will see information on how to contact an insurance representative on the phone, or by email.

    Please remember that the FREE services of the NJCU Health & Wellness Center (Vodra 107) are available to all currently registered NJCU students regardless of insurance. We do not charge for our services.

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