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Quick Facts

    • Data network:  Gigabit Ethernet utilizing Cisco Systems technology, including wireless services in select outdoor areas and throughout the main campus.
    • Network connections throughout the campus: 4,000+
    • Current broadband connection to the Internet: 45 Mbps (Megabits per second).
    • 130 Windows-based servers provide processing power for all academic and administrative applications utilized by approximately 10,000 users. 
    • Computing resources are distributed between redundant data centers for business continuity.
    • Current disk storage capacity: 18Terabytes
    • The University utilizes the Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise Information System and Portal (GothicNet).
    • The data network hosts NJCU websites, Information Systems (GothicNet), Online Learning (WebCT), CCTV and burglar/fire alarm systems, campus card, E-mail, library resources, and other systems.
    • The University currently deploys over 1700 state-of-the-art desktop and laptop computers in 42 computer labs, the library, and faculty and staff offices. The majority of the computers utilize the Microsoft Windows operating system while a select number use the Macintosh operating system.
    • The University provides state-of-the art classroom technology for students including 21 SMART classrooms and 29 computer labs set up with SMART systems.
    • One videoconferencing center and two mobile videoconferencing units are available for instructional and administrative use. 
    • Voice network: Nortel Meridian PBX with enhanced Voicemail. Total number of PBX ports (analog/digital): 1800