Undergraduate Minor

Undergraduate Minor

A minor in literacy education may be attained by completing 24 credits from the following list of courses, with the approval of a faculty advisor from the Literacy Education Department. Course requirements for the completion of the minor are listed below. Course codes with asterisks (*) have prerequisite or corequisite courses.

Please select 24 credits from the following list:

LTED 270 Emerging Literacy at Home and School (3cr)

LTED 301* Language Arts (3cr)

LTED 302* Role of Reading the Secondary School (3cr)

LTED 303* The Teaching of Reading (3cr)

LTED 304 Current Theory and Practice (3cr)

LTED 305 Literacy Workshop for Pre-Service Teachers (3cr)

LTED 307* Nature of Reading Disabilities Workshop (3cr)

LTED 308* Field Work in Reading (3cr)

LTED 310 Solving Reading Problems of the Urban Learner (3cr)

LTED 315* Personalized Reading Instruction (3cr)

LTED 316* Workshop in Strategies for Teaching Reading (3cr)

LTED 317* Evaluation and Diagnostic Techniques in Reading (3cr)

LTED 326* Reading in the Content Areas (3cr)

LTED 329* Role of Language in Reading (3cr)

LTED 330 Focus: Reading, Language and Literacy (3cr)

LTED 333* Role of Literature in Teaching Reading (3cr)

LTED 341* Teaching Reading Through Writing (3cr)

LTED 350*Early Childhood Reading, Language, and Literacy Workshop (3cr)

LTED 360* Elementary Reading and Language Workshop (3cr)

LTED 370* Secondary Reading and Language Workshop (3cr)

LTED 400* Reading and Language for Gifted and Creative (3cr)