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Alternate Route Programs

  • This option provides students who have been offered employment by a school district and hold a Certificate of Eligibility in Spanish, the opportunity to fulfill the requirements of the New Jersey State Department of Education under the Alternate Route Program. Of the 15 credits needed to complete the ARP, 12 may be applied towards our Master's Degree in World Language Education.
    The following four courses from the Master's course sequence are required under the ARP:
    Code  Course Description  Credits 
    LANG 510    Second Language Acquisition/Methodology I 3
    LANG 610 Second Language Acquisition/Methodology II 3
    LANG 603 Spanish Children's Literature 3
    LANG 611 Evaluation in the Second Language Classroom 3
    In addition to these courses, students who hold a Certificate of Eligibility in Spanish and are employed by a school district must fulfill the following requirements:
    • Pre-service Component (3 credits) 
    • EDU 500 Classroom Management (1 credit)
    • EDU 652 Teaching Internship & Seminar in World Languages (2 credits)