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Master of Arts in World Language Education (Spanish)

    Dra. Grisel López-Díaz,

    Masters of Arts in Urban Education
     World Languages Specialization


    What is unique about our Masters Program in World Language Education? 

    • Emphasis on language, culture, and pedagogy
    • Standards-based Program (NCATE, ACTFL, NJPS)
    • Excellent faculty
    • 24 credits can be applied toward Spanish certification
    • Problem-based approach to learning
    • Convenient location
    • Close collaboration with public school districts
    • Close links to national and state foreign language associations

    Program Description

    • New Jersey City University's Master of Arts Program in Urban Education with a specialization in World Language Education is a comprehensive preparation program for teachers of Spanish.
    • This thirty-six credit graduate program includes strong components in second language methodology, linguistics, Spanish language, and the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world.
    • This specialized program focuses on developing the content knowledge, skills, and dispositions that result in successful teachers and leaders in the field of world language education. The student outcomes for this program include achieving a high level of proficiency in Spanish; a knowledge and appreciation of languages, cultures and linguistics; a thorough preparation in second language acquisition theory and methodology; and the ability to understand and conduct research.
    • This program is aligned with the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) standards for world language teachers, developed in collaboration with the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) and the New Jersey State Professional Standards for Teachers (NJSPST).

    Required Courses

    1. Methodology and Linguistics (24 credits): 
    Code  Course Description  Credits 
    LANG 510 Second Language Acquisition / Methodology I 3
    LANG 610 Second Language Acquisition / Methodology II 3
    LANG 611 Assessment in the Second Language Classroom 3
    LANG 615 Action Research Project I 3
    LANG 616 Action Research Project II 3
    MCC 603 Applied Linguistics 3
    MCC 608 Language, Culture & Communication 3
    EDTC 632 Technology in the World Language Classroom 3
    2. Language and Culture (12 credits): 
    Code  Course Description  Credits 
    LANG 603 Spanish Children's Literature 3
    LANG 604 Latino Literature & Performance 3
    LANG 606 Latino Women Testimonials 3
    ART 630 Art of Spain                OR 3
    ART 622 Art of Latin America 3
    LANG 621 Music of Latin America           OR                         3
    LANG 622 Music of Spain 3
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