M.A. Urban Education - Bilingual

M.A. Urban Education - Bilingual

Master of Arts in Urban Education with Specialization in Bilingual/Bicultural Education

This master’s degree program is for students who already hold another NJ instructional teaching certificate and who would like to gain bilingual/bicultural education endorsement. To enter into this program, students must satisfy admissions requirements for graduate study at NJCU as well as meeting the state of New Jersey’s requirements for demonstrating bilingual language proficiency.

Students are strongly encouraged to take the courses listed below in the specified phases. Click HERE for a program sheet. View our course catalog for detailed course descriptions. 

Program Requirements (42 credits)

Phase I (9 Credits)

MCC 627 Historical and Cultural Backgrounds of LEP Students (3cr)

MCC 605 Introduction to Bilingual/Multicultural Education (3cr)

MCC 635 Effective Literacy Teaching for English Language Learners (3cr)
(Other literacy courses may be substituted. See the department chair or your advisor.)

Phase II (12 Credits)

MCC 655 Methods of Teaching ESL (3cr)

MCC 607 Theory and Practice of Teaching the Bilingual Child in the Content Areas: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies (3cr)

MCC 603 Applied Linguistics with Emphasis on Second Language Experience (3cr)

MCC 617 Field Experiences in Bilingual/Multicultural Education (3cr) (prereq MCC 655)

Research Courses (6 Credits)

MCC 623 Contemporary Issues in Bilingual Curriculum Development (3cr)

MCC 650 Research in Urban Education: ESL/Bilingual Tracks (3cr)

Electives (Select 15 credits from the following):

MCC 600 General Linguistics and Multicultural Education (3cr)

MCC 604 Phonology and Structure of American English (3cr) (prereq MCC 600)

MCC 608 Language, Culture and Communication (3cr)

MCC 609 Multicultural Education and Psycholinguistics (3cr)

MCC 610 Multicultural Education and Sociolinguistics (3cr)

MCC 611 Theories of Language Teaching (2cr) (Must be taken with MCC 612)

MCC 612 Observation of ELS (1cr) (Must be taken with MCC 611)

MCC 618 Human Relations and Multicultural Education (3cr)

MCC 619 Americans in the World Community (3cr)

MCC 621 Multicultural Values in the Urban Community: Implication for Values Education in Urban Schools (3cr)

MCC 626 Survey and Development of ESL Materials (3cr)

EDU 628 Learning and Motivation (3cr)

MCC 631 Teaching the Culture of the USA to ESL students in Higher Education (3cr)

MCC 632 Fieldwork in ESL Programs for College Students (3cr)

MCC 633 Teaching ESL in Higher Education (3cr)



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