Teaching ESL Undergraduate

Teaching ESL Undergraduate

Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) Undergraduate

The coursework for this program must be completed in addition to degree requirements for certification in elementary or secondary education. Please visit the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education for more information regarding these requirements. It is a New Jersey state requirement that all candidates seeking English as a Second Language (ESL) certification be tested in oral and written English language proficiency.

Please click HERE for an ESL program sheet. Click HERE for a dual ESL certification & bilingual endorsement program sheet.

TESL Certification Courses

View our course catalog for detailed course descriptions. These courses are organized into two phases. It is recommended that courses in Phase I be taken before courses in Phase II.

Phase I

MCC 427 Historical and Cultural Backgrounds of LEP Students (3cr)

MCC 400 General Linguistics and Multicultural Education (3cr)

MCC 411 Theories of Language Teaching (3cr)

MCC 412 Observation of ESL (3cr) (MCC 411 and 412 must be taken together.)

LTED XXX (3cr) (An appropriate literacy education course is required. See the department chair or your advisor who will assist you in selecting a literacy education course.)

Phase II

MCC 455 Methods of Teaching ESL (3cr)

MCC 403 Applied Linguistics with Emphasis on Second Language Experience (3cr)

MCC 404 Phonology and Structure of American English (3cr) (prerequsisite: MCC 400)

MCC 417 Field Experience in ESL/Bilingual Education (3cr) (prerequisite: MCC 455)


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