BA Philosophy

BA Philosophy


The Department of Philosophy and Religion offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy. This degree prepares students for careers in law, business, teaching, communications, writing, religious studies, and public affairs. Continued study may lead to a master’s or doctoral degree in Philosophy or in related disciplines including science, education, public administration, law, and international relations.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of the major ideas, questions, methods, and arguments in the core areas of philosophy in the context of philosophy's major historical periods.
  2. Engage in the close critical but charitable reading and interpretation of philosophical texts, and express ideas and arguments clearly in written and/or oral communication.
  3. Demonstrate strong critical thinking and problem solving skills by applying the tools of informal and formal logic to identify, construct, analyze, evaluate, and respond to arguments.
  4. Discuss questions of value rationally, clearly, humbly, and with an open mind. 


Requirements for completion of the major can be found below. Students who are taking the old General Studies Program should consult an adviser in the Philosophy/Religion Department for suitable course substitutions. 


Take 12 credits

PHIL 102 Critical Thinking 3
PHIL 204 Intro to Logic 3
PHIL 234 Ancient Philosophy 3
PHIL 239 On Evil: Early Modern Philosophy 3

Restricted Electives

Take 3 credits
PHIL 208 Great Philosophers 3
PHIL 303 Existentialism & Phenomenology 3
Take 3 credits
PHIL 207 Ethics 3
PHIL 244 Political and Social Philosophy 3
Take 3 credits
PHIL 205 Metaphysics 3
PHIL 206 Epistemology 3


Take 15 more credits. Find the list of courses here. Note the following restrictions. 

1 No more than three elective courses can be cross-listed with the General Education Program
2 No more than three courses taken for the major can be at the 100 level.
3 At least three courses for the major must be at the 300 level or above.

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

Degree Requirements
September 21, 2016
Distribution Recommendations
1. Take 12 courses (36 credits).
2. Take no more than 3 courses at the 100 level.
3. Take at least 3 courses at the 300-level or above.
Courses Required
4 courses.
PHIL 102
, PHIL 204,
PHIL 234, PHIL 239.
Restricted Elective
1 history required
Take either PHIL 208 or
PHIL 303
Restricted Elective
1 theoretical required
Take either PHIL 205 or
PHIL 206
Restricted Elective
1 practical required
Take either PHIL 207 or
PHIL 244
5 more required. Can be
taken from any category.
No more than 3 courses
may be cross listed with
the General Education
Program. Indicated with
an ’*’ below.
This course will be replaced by a new Critical Thinking course cross-listed with the General
Education Program. Approval pending