Japanese is one of the leading languages in the fields of business and finance, as Japan represents the second largest economy in the world. Knowledge of the Japanese language and culture also provides opportunities in education, fashion, art, and entertainment such as anime and manga.

LANG 117 Elementary Japanese I (3)
This course is intended for students whose objective is acquiring a working knowledge of spoken Japanese in everyday life. While stressing development of verbal fluency, the course also provides students with the opportunity to master the native Japanese “alphabets” of Hiragana and Katakana and introduces Kanji, the Chinese characters that are an essential part of written Japanese.

LANG 118 Elementary Japanese II (3)
This course is a continuation of LANG 117 Elementary Japanese I. The emphasis is on continuing development of verbal fluency and the opportunity to further develop reading and written skills.
Prerequisite: LANG 117 Elementary Japanese I

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