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National Society for Leadership and Success

  • NJCU is proud to host a chapter of the  National Society of Leadership and Success , a worldwide organization that supports students as they discover and achieve their goals.  Presentations by nationally and internationally recognized speakers help students to consider and identify their own life goals.  Success Networking Team meetings allow students to support and motivate each other in the pursuit of those goals. 

    Induction requires new members to attend an orientation session, three speaker broadcasts, three consecutive Success Networking Team meetings, and to participate in a three-hour interactive video-based Leadership Training Day.  Leadership Training Days guide students as they focus on their unique challenges, recognize their strengths, identify their passions, and design a personal plan to move forward.  Once the induction process is completed, members receive a certificate of leadership training from the Society. 

    “To help individuals create the lives they desire by helping them discover what they truly want to do, and giving them the support, motivation, and tools to achieve their goals.”