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Accelerated BSN

  • The Accelerated BSN program is an innovative educational opportunity for college graduates that allow them to transition into entry level clinical practice in only twelve months. Full-time study is required during this period.

    Interested individuals with a bachelor’s degree, who have completed the required prerequisite courses, are invited to apply to the program. Following admission to and completion of the pre-licensure phase, students will be awarded a B.S.N. degree and are eligible to take the required National Council of Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN®).

    New Jersey City University’s Accelerated B.S.N. Program is offered at two convenient locations;  Jersey City starting every September and the Wall Township at the NJCU at Wall campus in May of each year.

    Note:  In addition to any applicable tuition and/or fees, students in the Accelerated B.S.N. program should expect to pay approximately $2,500 for required uniforms, books, and nursing equipment.


    Accelerated B.S.N. Curriculum

    Course Number 

    Course Title* 

    Credit Hours 

    NURS 300 Contemporary Professional Nursing


    NURS 301 Pathophysiology


    NURS 302 Pharmacology in Nursing Practice


    NURS 303 Nursing Information and Technology


    NURS 304
    Health Assessment Across the Lifespan


    NURS 305
    Fundamentals of Nursing Practice


    NURS 400
    Adult Health and Illness I


    NURS 402
    Maternal and Child Health Nursing


    NURS 404
    Concepts in Gerontological Nursing Practice


    NURS 406
    Healthcare Law and Ethics


    NURS 408
    Adult Health II: Complex Care


    NURS 410
    Psychiatric and Community Health Nursing


    NURS 414
    Healthcare Organizations and Operations


    NURS 416
    Senior Capstone


    NURS 420
    Leadership Issues


    NURS 460
    Nursing Research


    NURS 466
    Cultural Paradigms


    Total Credits in Major Specialization  


    *Course descriptions can be found in our course catalog.

    Admissions Process

    Program Admission Requirements

    The following is a list of general admissions requirements for the 2014 Accelerated B.S.N. program.   

    • Baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university (degree must be conferred by time of application) 
    • GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 Scale (Preferred, but NOT required)  
    • Official transcripts from each college or university attended  
    • Two recommendations (from professor, supervisor, or professional colleague) 
    • CV / Resume  
    • Admission essay  
    • A minimum overall score of 80% on the standardized Health Education Systems, Inc. (HESI) exam  
    • Completion of the following prerequisite classes* in the United States within the past 10 years   
      • Anatomy & Physiology I  
      • Anatomy & Physiology II 
      • Microbiology  
      • Statistics (any discipline) 
      • Developmental Psychology  

    *Applicants are required to have completed all five pre-requisites prior to applying.   

    This program has the capacity to fill approximately 48 available seats at the Jersey City campus and 28 seats at the NJCU at Wall campus. A waiting list is created only when there are more qualified applicants than seats available. If no vacancies become available, applicants on the waiting list must re-apply the following year. 

    How to Apply

    Please Note: In response to the challenges many applicants have encountered as a result of the implementation of the NursingCAS system, the Admissions Committee has collectively decided to extend the application deadline for Wall Township and Jersey City applications to Friday February 28, 2014.  This extension applies only to submission of outstanding transcripts, recommendation letters, resume and the admission essay.  This extension is not applicable to the HESI admission exam.  Applicants must take the admission exam by the original deadlines: 

    Exam Deadlines 

    Wall - February 2, 2014 

    Jersey City - February 17, 2014 

    Beginning on or about November 1, 2013, applications for the 2014 Accelerated BSN cohorts will now be processed through NursingCAS. NursingCAS is the online, centralized application service for nursing schools. You can use NursingCAS to apply to New Jersey City University. NursingCAS processes your application and transcripts on behalf of the university. PLEASE DO NOT APPLY DIRECTLY TO NJCU. YOUR APPLICATION CANNOT BE CONSIDERED IF YOU APPLY DIRECTLY TO THE UNIVERSITY. ALL APPLICATION MATERIALS MUST BE SUBMITTED VIA NURSINGCAS. 

    Do not wait until the last minute to submit your application. The application process takes time to complete. 

    Visit www.nursingcas.org and click “Apply” to initiate your application. And click on “Create Account” and complete the required fields in order to start your application. View this short instructional video on how to complete a NursingCAS application.  

    Note: upon account creation input your Social Security Number (SSN). This information is required by NJCU in order to process your application. Your SSN is protected and encrypted. If you have already created your account then click on the “My Profile” section when logged in and input your SSN and hit “Submit” at the bottom of the page. 

    Additionally, please review the information below carefully and we recommend that you review this information before you begin your application as well. Although, some sections of the NursingCAS application are marked “optional” please follow the guidelines below for New Jersey City University’s requirements and note that your application will not be considered until ALL elements listed below under “Requirements” are completed and submitted

    You are required to complete the “Coursework” section of NursingCAS. Be sure to have a copy of your transcript(s) in hand in order to complete this section. All college level course work must be entered into the application in this section. There is a short, instructional video posted here on how to accurately complete this section. And detailed instructions are posted here. This will be the most time-consuming aspect of the application process. If you would rather have NursingCAS staff enter in your coursework data on your behalf then you have the option of paying an additional fee to use the Coursework Entry Service. Click here to learn more about the service. The data entered into this section is used to calculate GPAs in order to make admissions decisions. Learn more here.


    February 2, 2014 - deadline for 2014 NJCU@Brookdale (Wall Township) cohort 

    February 17, 2014 - deadline for 2014 Jersey City cohort 

    Admission Essay 

    In the “Personal Statement” section of NursingCAS, please include your essay. We recommend you type the document in a word file and copy / paste in the “Personal Statement” section rather than typing directly in this section. There is a 5000 character limit, which is approximately 700 words. Characters include spaces, carriage returns/new lines, numbers, letters, etc. 

    Essay Question for 2014: Describe an attribute or quality that distinguishes you from everyone else. How did you develop this quality and how would it benefit the nursing profession? 

    Remember to save your statements as “NJCU” and attach the statements to New Jersey City University in the “Designations” section of NursingCAS. 



    Upload a copy of your CV/Resume in the “Document Uploads” section of NursingCAS.  

    Acceptable file formats include: 

    MS Word (.doc) 

    MS Word (.docx) 

    Rich Text Format (.rtf), if created in Microsoft Word 

    Portable Document Format (.pdf) 

    ASCII Text file (.txt) 

    Do not password protect your file. If you are having problems uploading your document please make sure you are using Firefox or Internet explorer 8 (or higher). Once you select your file to be uploaded and click the submit button, please do not click anywhere else on the screen; the file may take a moment to upload. 

    Remember to attach this document to New Jersey City University in the “Designations” section of NursingCAS prior to e-submitting your application.   



    Request that two recommendations be submitted electronically on your behalf from your reference writer via NursingCAS by completing the “References” section of the application. You will need to provide the email address of each reference completing the recommendation.  

    In order to submit your application you must attach the electronically submitted references to New Jersey City University in the “Designations” section of NursingCAS. 



    All official transcripts must be mailed from each issuing institution’s Registrar’s Office directly to NursingCAS. In order to expedite the processing be sure to include the Transcript Request Form. NursingCAS processes your transcripts on behalf of school. NursingCAS cannot process transcripts stamped with “Issued to Student”. DO NOT SEND TRANSCRIPTS DIRECTLY TO NJCU. 

    Mailing Address:  

    P.O. Box 9201
    Watertown, MA 02471 


    Mailing Address for Certified Mail, FedEx or UPS ONLY:  

    NursingCAS Transcript Department 

    311 Arsenal Street 

    Suite 15 

    Watertown, MA 02472

    All official transcripts must be submitted to NursingCAS in order for your application to be processed and verified for Chatham University to review. The review process may take up to 10 days. If coursework is completed, request transcripts be sent immediately. Please submit transcripts for pre-requisite courses recently completed as soon as grades have been posted to your transcript. Dates vary by institution but as a general rule courses ending in December do not post until early January. 


    You may submit your application before taking the HESI Admission Assessment, which is required of all applicants. The exam covers content related to math, English and sciences; NJCU does not test students on chemistry or physics content.  Applicants may begin registering for the HESI Admission Assessment on October 15, 2013.  The HESI Admission Assessment must be taken before the application deadlines above.  

    If you have completed the HESI A2 prior to applying, input your HESI scores In the “Tests” section of NursingCAS. These scores are not considered official and it is not required to complete the test prior to application.  

    Follow the instructions below to register for the HESI A2 and have your results sent directly to NJCU. Only HESI scores sent directly to NJCU will be considered by the Admissions Committee.  

    Information and registration instructions for the HESI Admission Assessment exam for candidates seeking admission to the Accelerated BSN program.  


    How to Monitor the Status of Your Application 

    The “My Messages” section of the NursingCAS application will include any messages that NursingCAS or a school has sent to you. Please check your “My Messages” to see if you have received any vital information about your application. Messages will be sent to the “My Messages” inbox and your personal email address that you created your account with. Please do not call the Nursing Department to inquire about the status of your application. Application status information will be communicated via NursingCAS. 

    Use the “Quick Status Menu” options to check to see your Transcript(s), Reference(s), or Payment(s) have been received after you submit them. To check to see which Designations you have selected (in other words programs you have applied to) by clicking on the Designations option under the Quick Status menu. The GPA Calculations option under the Quick Status menu will display any GPA calculations NursingCAS has generated for you based on the coursework data you entered. Your application has been “verified” once your GPA Calculations are complete. Learn more about “verification”. 


    For Individuals Re-Applying to the Accelerated Program  

    You will be required to re-apply using NursingCAS. All requirements of NursingCAS, including application fee and transcript processing must be met. NJCU will not be able to provide any information on your behalf to NursingCAS.  

    You will need to re-take the HESI Admission Assessment exam.  


    Internationally Educated Applicants 

    Internationally educated applicants must have their transcripts evaluated by an NACES member (www.naces.org). Frequently used transcript evaluation services include World Education Services (WES) and Education Credential Evaluators (ECE). Please include all coursework taken, grades, U.S. Degree equivalency and cumulative GPA in the report. Request your foreign transcript evaluation be mailed directly to NursingCAS at:  

    Mailing Address:  

    P.O. Box 9201
    Watertown, MA 02471 


    Mailing Address for Certified Mail, FedEx or UPS ONLY:  

    NursingCAS Transcript Department 

    311 Arsenal Street 

    Suite 15 

    Watertown, MA 02472 




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