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Faculty Statement

  • Baccalaureate Degree: An Essential Ingredient

    Faculty believes that the baccalaureate is the first professional degree in nursing that prepares a beginning generalist.  This is the basis for graduate study and continuing education in nursing.  The baccalaureate graduate is able to meet the health needs associated with life in urban and other environments.  The generalist in nursing will be able to practice in a variety of settings and exercise judgment in situations with varying degrees of complexity.

    Nursing: Growing a Profession

    Faculty believes in the need to socialize registered nurses that have not been prepared at the baccalaureate level to professional nursing.  It is important to have an understanding of the past, present, and emerging roles of the professional nurse.  Certain roles are crucial to the growth of nursing as a profession.  These include the practitioner as leader, as change agent, as client advocate, as teacher, as counselor, as promoter of health, as user of technology and as one who understands the research role. 

    Teaching & Learning: For Faculty and Students

    Faculty believes that teaching-learning is a reciprocal, continuous process, varying according to individual differences among faculty, agency, and student teams, and facilitating personal growth.  The development of a spirit of inquiry and the ability to think critically are crucial learning for the professional nurse.  The professional nurse is self-directed in responding to emerging roles.  Student movement toward self- actualization is a basic responsibility of faculty in the teaching-learning process to assist the student as a contributing and accountable member of the profession and of society.