President's Cabinet

  • Cabinet Members

    The President’s Cabinet is comprised of 14 senior academic and administrative staff members who serve as the President’s leadership team. The Cabinet advises the President on issues of broad import to institutional well-being and success. As stewards of NJCU’s institutional mission, members of the Cabinet act collectively, providing leadership as well as supporting leadership and establishing short- and long-term strategic and tactical goals for the University.

    Dr. Sue Henderson

    Dr. Dan Julius
    Senior Vice President and Provost

    Dr. Karen Morgan
    Assistant Provost

    Dr. Aaron Aska
    Vice President of Administration and Finance

    Dr. John Melendez
    Vice President for Student Affairs

    Mr. Daniel P. Elwell
    Vice President of University Advancement

    Dr. Deborah Woo
    Associate Provost

    Mr. Hunt Bartine
    Associate Vice President of Human Resources

    Mr. James Adams
    Associate Vice President for Real Estate Operations and Facilities Management

    Ms. Maria Cobarrubias
    Executive Assistant to the President for Special Projects

    Mr. Michael Fernandez
    Executive Assistant to the President for Governmental Affairs

    Mr. Al Ramey
    University Counsel

    Mr. Wilton Thomas-Hooke
    Assistant Vice President for Finance

    Ms. Phyllis Szani
    Associate Vice President for Information Technology

    Mr. Michael Perna
    Assistant Vice President for University Advancement

    Ms. Lori Summers
    Assistant Vice President of Development and Alumni

    Dr. Fran Moran
    Interim Dean of Arts and Sciences

    Dr. Alan DeFina
    Dean of Education and Interim Dean of Professional Studies

    Dr. Bernie McSherry
    Interim Dean of the School of Business

    Dr. Lynn Hamlin
    Dean of Students

    Dr. William Bajor
    Director of Professional and Lifelong Learning

    Dr. Sue Gerber
    Director of Institutional Effectiveness

    Mr. José Balda
    Director of University Admissions

    Ms. Miriam Hernández Laria
    University Registrar

    Mr. John Duff
    Director of Advisement

    Mr. Peter Ljutic
    Director of Student Financial Services and Risk Manager