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Hudson County Community College
70 Sip Avenue, Third Floor
Historic Pathside - 25 Journal Square
Admissions - 162-168 Sip Avenue
Classrooms - 26 Journal Square, 870 Bergen Avenue, 81-87 Sip Avenue, 119 Newkirk Street
Culinary Arts Institute - 161-169 Newkirk Street
North Hudson Center - 6515 Polk Street, West New York

Hudson County Community College
PATHSide Building at 25 Journal Square
Photo: P.Shalhoub, 2001

Culinary Conference Center
Hudson County Community College

161 Newkirk Street

Jersey City's third institution for higher education, along with New Jersey City University and St. Peter's College, is Hudson County Community College (HCCC). The campus consists of several properties in the locality of Journal Square and Bergen Square with college-operated properties throughout Hudson County.

Founded in 1974, HCCC is a two-year public, coeducational community college begun as one of the two "contract" colleges in the United States and New Jersey's only contract college. As such, the institution contracted for faculty and facilities to provide occupational and career-oriented certificates and Associate in Applied Science degrees to students. Its primary goal was to offer programs to students that reflected the nature of the current job market. This occurred during an era of fiscal restraints for government funding of a central campus with a permanent faculty.

By 1992, after years of fiscal problems and mandate from the state's chancellor of higher education for reform, the County of Hudson made a commitment to reorganize HCCC with an urban-style campus and expanded services and enrollment. The renewal of the college is best represented by its renovation of the former Public Service Building at 25 Journal Square that includes a library and classrooms. In 1996, a conference room was dedicated to Hudson County's longtime US Congresswoman Mary Teresa Norton,

Today students pursue courses of study in business and marketing, computer science, health sciences, home economics, law, culinary arts, and multi-interdisciplinary studies. It offers a two-year transfer program through an Associate in Science (A.S.) or Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree to a bachelor's degree program and an Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree in a professional field. In 2007 HCCC opened its newly constructed five-story Culinary Arts Institute/Business Conference Center/Classroom Building offering degree and non-degree courses.


Hudson County Community College:

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