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    Graduate Certificate Programs in Information Assurance/Cyber Security

    New Jersey City University is designated a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security. 

    Universities designated as National Centers of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance offer courseware that has been reviewed by National Level Information Assurance Subject Matter Experts and determined to meet the National Training Standard for Information Systems Security Professionals. National Centers of Academic Excellence are eligible to apply for scholarships and grants through both the Federal and Department of Defense Information Assurance Scholarship Programs. Graduates from Information Assurance programs at CAE institutions become the professional cyber security experts protecting national security information systems, commercial networks and critical information infrastructure. These professionals are helping to meet the increasingly urgent needs of the U.S. government, industry, academia and research.

    • Courses for the Certificate Programs may be applied to the requirement for the Master of Science in National Security Studies
    • Certificates are awarded under the signatures of the Department Chairperson and the Dean, College of Professional Studies.

    Information Security Standard (INFOSEC) 4011 – a certification program for information security professionals from the Committee on National Security Systems. https://www.ise.gov/ effective 2012- 2017.

    Course Requirements  

    Course  Course Title  Credits 
    SECU 222  Computer Security I 3
    SECU 322  Computer Security II 3
    SECU 422  Computer Security III 3

     The National Security Agency Certificate for Information Systems Security Officers (ISSO) - Standard 4014 (Entry) - This certificate is appropriate for an individual who is interested in entry-level certification based on the National Security Agency’s Standard 4014. Effective 2013-2018.

    Course Requirements  

    Course  Course Title  Credits 
    SECU 610  Cyber Security 3
    SECU 655  Computer Security Topics 3
    SECU 660  Security and Privacy of Information and Information Systems 3
    SECU 665  Information Security Strategy and Policy Development 3
    • Gainful Employment Disclosure Statement for the Graduate Certificate Program in Information Assurance/Cyber Security click here

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