Faculty and Staff

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     R. Cosgrove  Dr. Richard Cosgrove Assistant Professor /
    3217 P 454 rcosgrove 
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    Dr. Kathleen Rennie Assistant Professor /
    2230 P 446 krennie 
     M Krantz  Dr. Michael Krantz, CPP Associate Professor 3504 P 445 mkrantz 
     B. Soo Hoo  Dr. Tsung (Bill) Soo Hoo Associate Professor 3502 P 453 bsoohoo 
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    Denise Melendez Secretary 2275 P 449 dmelendez 


    The Professional Security Department relies on adjuncts professors who are current or former professionals in the field of Security. To contact an adjunct professor please contact the Professional Security Department at 201-200-2275.

       Adjunct Professor   Experience 
     Chumer  Dr. Michael J. Chumer
    Academic Adviser, Doctor of Science Program Office: P454
    Phone: (201) 200-3217
    E-mail: mchumer@njcu.edu
    10 years active duty with the Unites States Marines
    Member Center for Homeland Defense and Security
    Member International Association of Emergency Managers
    Member Information Systems for Crisis Response
    and Management
    Member American Society of Information Science
    and Technology
    United States Naval Academy, Class of 1964 -

    Daniel H. Dawdy, CISSP

    30 years in Corporate Security,
    System Engineering and
    Software Development,
    AT&T and Lucent Technologies &
    Co-inventor on U.S. Patent No. 4,879,743
     Deehan  Theresa L. Deehan 15+ years in Corporate Security and
    Cyber Security
     Foley  Alisha R. Foley Montvale Police Officer
     Frucci  John Frucci Detective, Bomb and K-9 Unit,
    17 years County Law Enforcement
     DWH  Donald Hand, CPA, CISSP Over 35 years in domestic and global
    business organizations with
    IT Risk Management and Data Security
     Kevin  Kevin Hartnet, CPM, CPP 28 years- Bergen County Police,
    Detective Captain
     Hurley  Ronald J. Hurley, CPP Public Safety Director for
    Berkeley College
    Retired Detective with the Jersey City
    Police Department - 27 years
     K.Kennedy  Kevin Kennedy, CISSP, CPP Security Manager for
    Jersey Shore
    University Medical Center
     Newsome  William J. Newsome 25 Years New Jersey State Trooper
    Commander - Retired
     Presto  Sylvia Presto, CFS, CFCI, CFE Sergeant - Bergen County
    Prosecutor's Office -
    White Collar Crime Unit
    No Photo
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    Mohammad I. Shiekh Information System Security Manager /
    Associate Director - NJCU
    No Photo
    (coming soon)
    Dr. Allan R. Sondej 20 years police service- Trenton Police /
    South Brunswick Police, Lieutenant
    20 year’s service as private
    security consultant
     NPT  Dr. Nicholas P. Tworischuk, CIS Associate Treasurer , New Jersey
    Insitute of Technology
     Wiltsey  Dr. Michael T. Wiltsey Detective Sergeant –
    Crime Scene & Evidence
    Management Units
     Zarro  Michael S. Zarro Captain – Spotswood
    Police Department
     Zecca  Angelo Zecca, CCJP 22 years with Local, County and
    State Law Enforcement