Graduate Programs


    Master of Science in National Security Studies

    The need for security professionals who are prepared to deal with every facet of national, homeland, corporate, and information assurance/cyber security has never been greater. Students earning a Master of Science in National Security Studies are prepared to take leadership roles in these diverse areas of security. Students at the Masters level have the opportunity to be certified as Information Systems Security Officers, Standard 4014 (Entry level) under the authority of the National Security Agency. Master degree holders have the ability to pursue terminal degrees in Civil Security Leadership, Management and Policy and other fields.



    Doctor of Science in Civil Security Leadership, Management and Policy, DSc

    The Doctor of Science (DSc) Program in Civil Security focuses on an interdisciplinary set of topics in the field of urban security. The degree is designed to provide broad coverage of the major aspects of national, corporate and information assurance/cyber security, including: threats, intelligence, terrorism, organization and design, interagency cooperation and effective management practices. It provides a rigorous exploration of the research methods and critical issues affecting public health and safety, crisis management and planning, threat assessment and intelligence, strategic planning and design. Depending on the students’ interests, they will have the opportunity to explore issues in a diverse program including crisis management and response, national security, international and domestic terrorism, security management, information security, methods of intelligence and research methodology; all within the context of the most common security setting: the urban environment. Again, urban security draws upon issues impacting the health and safety of the population, understanding cultural differences (frequently the causes of war and conflict), and a wide range of ever-changing sociological implications. The overriding theme and focal point is risk management and mitigation in urban settings.