• Bachelor of Science in National Security Studies

    A Bachelor of Science degree in National Security Studies provides students with a comprehensive understanding of national, corporate, and cyber security theories and practices, and prepares them to operate on a supervisory level within security, law enforcement and business environments. Professional opportunities include security professional/manager at the corporate level, and the National Security field (CIA, NSA, NIS, FBI, etc.), as well as further study at the master or doctoral level in Security Administration, Criminal Justice or Public Administration.

    The requirements for admission to this degree program are:
    • A minimum cumulative undergraduate grade point average (CGPA) of 2.5
    • Completion of at least 42 credits, including the All University

    Accreditation: The Professional Security Studies Department is accredited by

    • The Middle States Commission on Higher Education

    Course Requirements: 


     Course  Course Title  Credits 
      Program Core - 27 credits   
    SECU 150  Introduction to Security 3
    SECU 151  Security Systems and Designs 3
    SECU 220* Current Security Problems 3
    SECU 222  Computer Security I 3
    SECU 280* Security Organization and Administration 3
    SECU 321* Seminar in National Security 3
    SECU 323  Risk Management 3
    SECU 398* Research Methods 3
      Capstone Project 3
      Electives - 12 credits   
    SECU 152  Loss Prevention Techniques 3
    SECU 153  Occupational Safety and Health 3
    SECU 154  Careers in National, Corporate and Cyber Security 3
    SECU 210* Introduction to Intelligence 3
    SECU 224*  Ethics in Professional Security Studies 3
    SECU 305* Special Topics 3
    SECU 310* Forensic Investigations 3
    SECU 322* Computer Security II 3
    SECU 324*  Security Fraud 3
    SECU 411* Extremist Groups and Security 3
    SECU 422* Computer Security III 3
    SECU 465* Resource Management in Security 3

    * Requires a prerequisite, see course description for more information


    Those interested in NSA Certification for Information Security (INFOSEC) will include SECU 222 above, (as a prerequisite) and then these two to complete the three-course sequence: 

    SECU 322* Computer Security II (3 credits)
    SECU 422* Computer Security III (3 credits) 

    Additional courses in Criminal Justice, Fire Science, Computer Science, Business, History, Modern Languages, Political Science, Sociology, and other electives that are related to the field of professional security will be accepted upon approval of both the department chairperson and faculty advisor. 

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