EHS Committee

  • Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Committee The EHS Committee meets monthly and is comprised of 15 members representing the unions, senate, divisions and students of the University. 

    Mission Statement 

    • To establish a liaison by which the Environmental, Health and Safety Committee and the Campus Community can communicate in a collaborative manner to effectively address environmental, health and safety related issues. 
    • To foster a safe and healthy living and working environment in an urban university campus. 
    • To maintain a safe and secure environment in which students may learn; faculty and staff can work and personally grow; and visitors feel comfortable.     

    EHS Committee Purpose 

    • Promote awareness of health and safety
    • Maintain active interest in health and safety
    • Identify safety and health issues
    • Reduce accidents (Goal 5%, 10%)
    • Recommend effective action
    • Monitor and improve workplace health and safety 

    EHS Committee Membership 

    • Ex-Officio Members Non-Voting Members: Director of Environmental, Health and Safety (Chairperson), Director of Public Safety, Director of Human Resources, and Associate Vice-president of Student Affairs.
    • At Large Members: Voting Members are appointed annually. Members will be broadly representative of major campus units and will be persons who are interested in improving campus safety. Each Union as well as student membership is encouraged to participate. The following areas will be represented: 

    Public Safety
    Health & Wellness Center
    Human Resources
    Environmental, Health and Safety
    Student Affairs
    Student Representative
    Local 195, IFPTE
    Fleet (FCM)
    CWA Representative
    Fire Safety/ Public Safety
    Academic Affairs
    AFT Representative
    Director of Facilities (FCM) 
    • Non-Voting Advisory Members: The Chairperson may recommend individuals who have special interest and/or expertise to serve as non-voting advisors to the committee.