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Reporting a Crime

  • We owe it to each other to report incidents. Whether it happens to you or you're a witness, you have a responsibility to report it to the New Jersey City University Department of Public Safety. Reporting incidents helps the University to prevent them from reoccurring. The Public Safety Department tracks incidents in order to develop better ways to handle them.

    Please provide the following information when reporting a crime, incident or suspicious activity to the Public Safety Department:
    1. Your name and location
    2. Detailed description of the incident or crime
      1. description of suspect(s) i.e. height, complexion, clothing
      2. location of where suspect(s) involved last seen or direction of travel
      3. description of motor vehicle involved
    3. Request medical assistance, if necessary
    4. You have the option to remain anonymous

    The New Jersey City University Department of Public Safety coordinates with the Jersey City Police Department and the New Jersey State Police in the conducting of investigations on campus.  

    For more information, please email: publicsafety@njcu.edu or call 201-200-3127 / 3128.