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Grading System

  • The standing of each student at the completion of each course is determined by the instructor and recorded at the end of each semester.
    A     (4.0) D. (1.0)
    A-   (3.7) P (Pass)
    B+  (3.3) F (0.0)
    B    (3.0) W (Withdrawal)
    B-   (2.7) IN (Incomplete)
    C+  (2.3) R (Repeat - Academic Foundation Course only)
    C    (2.0)  
    C-   (1.7)  

    Grade Point Averages: The numbers in parentheses represent index values used to compute grade point averages. The number of credits/semester hours assigned to the course multiplied by the grade index received gives the grade points earned for that course. The sum total of grade points earned divided by total credits attempted constitutes the student’s grade point average.  

    (Revised June 1989)