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    1. What housing is available?

    The University operates three (3) smoke free, alcohol and substance free residential facilities. Co-Op Hall and Vodra Hall are located within the main campus and the university apartment building is off-site, on Kennedy Blvd. 

    2. How do I get an application for on-campus housing? 

    You can complete an application on our website. New students, when you are admitted to the university, the Admissions Office will be provided with an online link to apply for housing. Interested students can also visit our the Online Application link

    3. What are the meal plans; can I use my Gothic Card to buy meals as a commuter?

    The meal plan is mandatory for all resident students. The NJCU meal plan is a 100% flexible spending plan that you access with your GothicCard. Commuter students can be added GothicCard points which can be used at any dining service location. Points can be added in $10 increments at the University Center.

    4. What is the current cost of housing per semester?

     Fees are subject to change yearly so it is best to contact Residence Life for the current rate.

    5. How many NJCU students live on campus? Can I get a tour of the dorms?

    The Office of Residence Life can house up to 260 students at maximum capacity. The Admissions Dept. conduct campus tours on Mondays and Wednesdays during the semesters. To visit the residence halls, all you need to do is schedule an appointment.

    6. What is the $150 Non-Fundable Housing Deposit?

    The $150 deposit is required only when a student is offered a room, in writing. At that point, the student must send a written acceptance along with the $150 deposit, which will hold the room for that student. The $150 is deducted from the total cost of housing.

    7. Is there housing for graduate students and/or married students? 

    Limited housing is available for graduate students. Base upon current availability we are not able to provide housing for married couples within the same dwelling. Please contact the Office of Residence Life for further information.

    8. Who should I contact if I'm having trouble with my roommate?

    The Resident Assistant on your floor should always be the first person you contact with concerns.

    9. If I am a dorm student in the Fall, am I guaranteed a room that following Spring semester?

    Yes; however, Housing Contract is good for only one semester. Continuing students must apply for housing each semester. Those who apply properly and on time will not pay $150 fee. Those who do not apply properly or late, may not receive housing and must pay $150 deposit. 

    10. If I am a dorm student in the Fall, can I leave my items in my room over the Winter break?

    Yes and No. If you have registered full time (12 credits), cleared your tuition and housing for the Spring semester, you are allowed to leave your belongings in your room. If you have not cleared for the Spring, you will be asked to remove all items from the room.

    11. What is the wait-list?

    As stated above, we can only house 260 per semester. Once we reach that amount, all other students are placed on our wait-list until a room becomes available.

    12. How do rooms become available for wait-list students?

    The only way a student is taken off the wait-list and placed in a residence hall is if a student who has already been placed or withdrawn from housing.

    13. If I am a parent or guardian, why can't I call the University to receive information about my child?

    The Federal Education Rights of Privacy Act (FERPA) does not allow the University to provide private information to anyone other than the student. Your child must provide us with written consent allowing us to release their information.

    14. Do I have to have a meal plan if I stay on campus?

    Yes. The meal plan is a mandatory for all resident students.

    15. How can I become a Community Assistant (CA), Desk Assistant (DA), Resident Assistant (RA),  or Resident Counselor?

    Interested students should come to the Office of Residence Life (V-123) to apply for any of the available positions. Graduate students interested in RC positions should contact the Director of Residence Life.

    16. Do I need a meningitis shot to stay on campus?

    Yes. This is required by law. Students who fail to be vaccinated will not be allowed to check-in.

    17. May I decorate my room?

    Yes and No. Since nails, screws, drilling and many adhesives (e.g., double-stick tape, carpet tape) are damaging to the walls and floors, we ask that you use only removable, non-damaging adhesives (e.g., 3M Command) for attaching items to the walls and doors. Painting and wallpapering (including wallpaper borders) are also not allowed.

    18. Do you provide storage?

    Storage is not provided for our residents. There are several local storage facilities available. Reminder: All items brought into the hall must be taken out of the hall. Any personal items left in a room will be discarded or given to area charities with a fee charged to the resident for improper check out.

    19. Are there places in the residence halls where I can study?

    The Courtesy and Quiet Hours policy in each residence hall is intended to provide opportunities for intensive study for all resident students. You are welcome to study in your room, social lounge or study lounges. .Additionally, each resident hall has a computer lab available for use.

    20. May I bring a pet?

    Pets are not allowed in the residence halls. This includes fishes, turtles, and hermit crabs.

    21. What if I receive an assignment, but change my mind about attending New Jersey City University?

    Immediately notify the Office of Residence Life in writing of your decision to not attend NJCU. (Note: Notifying the Admissions Office does not constitute notice to the Office of Residence Life). 

    22. Is there a deadline for me to confirm my room placement after applying and receiving a room assignment? 

    Yes! When a student receives information from Residence Life, there is a deadline to f ollow- up. If the student does not respond by this deadline, the student forfeits his/her space and his/her name is removed from the list for students requesting on-campus housing.

    23. Can I request to share a room with someone that I know?

    Yes. We will do our best to honor your roommate requests; however, we cannot guarantee them. Students wishing to be roommates must select the same roommate and have applications in around the same time. We do not hold applications to wait for a specific roommate request. 

    24. When will I receive my housing assignment?

    New Applicants will begin receiving their room assignments early June and on an ongoing basis thereafter. Room roommate/suite-mate information will not be provided.

    25. If I have a physical disability which requires special housing, what should I do?

    Contact our office when applying for housing, and we will work to make appropriate placement that will best accommodate your needs.

    26. Are there any curfews in the residence hall?

    At this current time there are no curfews in place Residents student are not required to be in the residence hall at a specific time; however, we do have a visitation policy. 

    27. Can I have visitors in my room?

    Yes. Additional information can be found by reviewing our visitation policy guidelines. Residents are required to check in their guests at the main desk of the residence Hall.

    28. What furniture is provided for me as a student living on campus?

    Each room is ideally set up for double occupancy. There are extra long twin-sized beds are provided in each room, which includes a closet, chest of drawers, desks and desk chair.

    29. What is damage Billing/ Improper Check Out Charge? 

    Residents are assessed individual or community damages at the end of the academic year. I.e. charges consist of intentional vandalism and damage to your specific building, floor and/or wing of which were are unable to identify the responsible parties. The damage costs will be equally be distributed of the amongst those residents living on the floor/wing/ building.

    Additionally, students will incur improper check out charges for those who fail to check out of their appropriately. The is a $65 Replacement Key charge (if you did not turn in your keys). You are unable to dispute any damage charges if you failed to check out of your room. 

    30. How do I get mail?

    All resident students are provided with a mailbox upon check in. Mail can be sent to

      • Resident’ Name
      • 2039 Kennedy Blvd
      • Mail box #
      • Jersey City, New Jersey 07305

    Questions, contact the Office of Residence Life (201) 200 – 2338