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    Residence Life Committee

    Mission Statement  

    This Residence Life committee was established in 2002. The mission of the Committee is to

    • Address the needs and concerns of residents, while ensuring quality service is provided.
    • Increase general awareness of the Residence Life Program and students.
    • To enhance the existing climate of the residence halls through communication between floors, halls, staff, student government organizations, and the New Jersey City University community.
    • To encourage academic success and social development of the students living on campus through partnership and collaboration with the Residence Life staff and others.
    • To assist in the provision of resources available to residents in the form of service, leadership, programs and a voice of positive influence.

    The Residence Life staff and program are committed to fostering academic excellence, leadership development, good citizenship, and civility. However, accomplishments of this task will be with motivation, fun, and enthusiasm. 
    * SGO Residence Life Representative