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    Women in Transition

    Sister Circle is a multicultural female support group similar to that of the male group ‘Band of Brothers’. The female staff of residence life several years ago founded this group as one of the many academic retention efforts of the program to provide support to both residents and non-resident NJCU students. Created with the vision to provide a format to foster friendship and respect among women and to provide opportunities to enlighten and empower the female residents; in more recent years, and under new directions, the Residence Life staff uncovered that friendship, respect, opportunities, and enlightenment needs to be expanded. The need to understand more women issues, develop self love and understanding of the self proves to be more apparent.

    Sister Circle support group meets once a month where personal invitation is extended to all female resident students and other NJCU students interested in attending are welcome. The monthly topics for discussions are recommendations received from the students and are often formatted to satisfy the need of the group. The structure of the meeting can be organized where individuals express themselves in a poem, song, discussion, etc. More so, the meetings tend to include spa treatment, sharing, relaxation, and periods for enlightenment.

    The female students who attend the monthly meetings are recognize at the end of the semester where a more formal recognition dinner /ceremony is organized by the female Residence Life staff as an expression of support and continued success.

    Interested, please contact the Office of Residence Life for additional information Email : or 

    Join the Circle and Become a Sister/Friend!