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About SGO

  • The Student Govenment Organization is the official body of clubs, organizations, and student representation on the campus of New Jersey City University. It's purposes are:

    1. To provide an effective democratic system of government whereby the members of the student body may express themselves on policies and procedures of the University  
    2. To review policies and procedures of the University and to recommend legislation pertaining to the student body.  
    3. To charter, fund and assist in the coordination of the activities of student clubs and organizations.  
    4. To provide activities for the student body.  
    5. To maintain and promote student participation and accountability in all phases of university life through:
    • a. regular free SGO elections  
    • b. regular SGO Student Council meetings  
    • c. regular student activites  
    • d. regular attendance and participation in university functions pertaning to the student body.
     Note: Updated SGO constitution coming soon.

    Executive Board Officers 


    The executive board consist of six qualified students elected by the student body to represent the NJCU student body on issues that effect students on campus and at local and state levels.


    Is responsible for presiding at all executive board, student council and SGO meetings. Serve as the official representative and liason between the University administration and SGO.

    Executive Vice President 

    In the absence of the President, assumes all powers and responsibilities of the President. Presides at all of the Elections and Credentials Committee meetings. On behalf of the executive board proposes legislation to the Student Council. Conducts workshops for clubs and organization leaders to review SGO policies and procedures.

    Vice President of Finance & Administration 

    Is responsible for the records of all SGO financial accounts.  Presides at all of the  finance committee meetings.  Formulates financial policies concerning organizations and clubs.  Serves as treasurer of Activites Committee.

    Vice President of Internal Affairs 

    Is responsible for all financial records of the Inter Collegiate Athletic Association as they pertain to SGO.  Advises the president on pertinent campus issues, athletic policies and procedures.  Serves as Vice Chair of Finance Committee.

    Vice President of Public Information 

    Is responsible for publicizing SGO meetings and events, maintains the SGO website, and is a liason to the media sources on campus.  Presides at all of the Public Information Committee meetings.  Serves as Vice Chair of Activites Committee. 

    Vice President of Activities 

    Is responsible for planning and presenting a wide range of social, cultural, educational and service oriented leadership activities to the student body. Provide a calendar of events for the academic year.


    Student Council 


    Is comprised of duly registered students with a minimum of one credit who have paid an activity fee to NJCU. They fall into various categories as noted in the SGO Constitution( Page V. Section 2). The student body serves as a channel of communication and cooperation between faculty, students, alumni, administraton, and the Board of Trustees.