Certification Programs

Certification Programs

The Department of Special Education offers two certification programs:

View the NJCU Graduate Catalog for detailed course descriptions.

Teacher of Students with Disabilities (TOSD) Endorsement Eligibility

21 credit Non-Degree Program

The Endorsement Eligibility Sequence for TOSD is for students already certified with a CEAS or Standard certificate in an NJDOE instructional area of general education. Acceptance to the Endorsement Eligibility Program for Teacher of Students with Disabilities (TOSD) is required on or before 12 credits have been completed and is contingent on application through Graduate Admissions.

Successful completion of the 21-credit endorsement eligibility program for TOSD along with other requirements listed below provides eligibility to apply for the NJDOE endorsement for TOSD through the Center for Teacher Preparation and Partnerships in P203A (ctppcert@njcu.edu). Candidates applying to add the TOSD endorsement to their existing NJDOE general education CEAS or Standard certification in an instructional area of general education must send a copy of their general education certification to the Center for Teacher Preparation and Partnerships on application for the TOSD endorsement.

Courses should be taken in the order shown below:

SPEC 605 Intro to the Education & Psychology of Exceptional Children & Youth (3cr)

SPEC 600 Introduction to Learning Disabilities (3cr)

SPEC 505 Working with Families of Students w/ Disabilities (3cr)

SPEC 508 Helping Exceptional Children & Youth in the Regular Classroom (3cr)

SPEC 640 Behavior Disorders in Children (3cr)

SPEC 669 Developing Communication Skills in the Atypical Child (3cr)

SPEC 675 Corrective Techniques for Teaching the Exceptional Child (3cr)


Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant (LDTC) Endorsement Eligibility

24 credit Non-Degree Program

This 24-credit LDTC non-degree endorsement eligibility program is for teachers who are already certified to teach Special Education or an allied field in New Jersey and have had at least two years of successful teaching experience under a Standard Certificate. A copy of the Standard certificate must be submitted when applying for the LDTC endorsement. A master’s degree in Special Education or an allied field from an accredited university is required. 

Entry to the program is competitive. Completion of this non-degree program requires field experiences, two 50-hour practicums, and satisfactory completion of key assessments. For information about the program, please contact the Special Education Department at (201) 200-3023. For additional information about the application process, contact Graduate Admissions at (201) 200-3409. Click HERE for a program sheet.

Once accepted into the LDTC program, all courses in Clusters II and III must be taken at New Jersey City University. Cluster III courses may be taken only after completion of Cluster II.

Cluster II: LDTC Core Requirements (12 credits) 

SPEC 670 Remediation of Basic Skills (3cr)

SPEC 672 Physiological and Psychological Learning Factors in the Education of Children with Disabilities (3cr)

SPEC 702 Cognition, Motivation, and Instructional Practice (3cr)

SPEC 697 Diagnosis of Children with Disabilities (3cr)


Cluster III: Clinical Core Requirements (12 credits) 

SPEC 673 Functioning on the Child Study Team (3cr)

SPEC 674 Interpersonal and Consultation Techniques in Special Education (3cr)

SPEC 698 Practicum in Individual Appraisal and Remediation of Exceptional Children I (3cr)

SPEC 699 Practicum in Individual Appraisal and Remediation of Exceptional Children II (3cr)


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