MAT with Autisim Specialization

MAT with Autisim Specialization

Master of Arts in Teaching Special Education with Autism Specialization

This program aims to provide teachers with the expansive knowledge base needed to work with children who present with special learning needs, including children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and to meet their unique academic and social needs. The knowledge base includes a wide range of instructional methodologies, including universal design for learning, assistive technology, critical thinking skills, and the ability to modify the classroom to accommodate special needs children.

Degree candidates will complete 33 credits, pass key assessments within their coursework, and pass a comprehensive examination (Praxis in Special Education #5354). All students must satisfy the general admissions requirements for graduate study at NJCU, as discussed in the Graduate Catalog. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required for graduation, along with a copy of a NJ CEAS or standard instructional certificate in an area of general education. Students must file for and become matriculated before completing 12 credits.

Students will be eligible to apply for Teacher of Students with Disabilities (TOSD) endorsement after completing the first 21 credits in the sequence. To apply for TOSD endorsement, please contact the Center for Teacher Preparation and Partnerships at (201) 200-2079 or

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Program Requirements (33 credits)

Courses should be taken in the order listed below:

TOSD Certfication Courses

SPEC 605 Introduction to Education and Psychology of Exceptional Children and Youth (3cr)

SPEC 600 Introduction to Learning Disabilities (3cr)

SPEC 505 Working with Families of Children with Disabilities (3cr)

SPEC 508: Helping Exceptional Children and Youth in the Regular Classroom (3cr)

SPEC 640 Behavior Disorders in Children (3cr)

SPEC 669 Developing Communications Skills in the Atypical Child (3cr)

SPEC 675 Corrective Techniques for Teaching the Exceptional Child (3cr) (Prerequisite: SPEC 605)

Autism Spectrum Disorders Specialization Courses

SPEC 629 Teaching Children with Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders in School and at Home (3cr)

SPEC 678  Behavior Interventions for Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (3cr)

SPEC 616  Teaching High-Functioning Children & Youth with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (3cr)

SPEC 681  Teaching Social-Communication Skills to Children & Youth with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (3cr)


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