Funded Projects - Current


    Funded Projects - Current


    Closing the Completion Gap for HSI Community College Graduates at a Public Hispanic-Serving Institution 

    Award: $3,938,148
    Duration of the Project: Oct 2011 - Sept 2016

    The goals of this Project are to:

    1. Increase the number of science majors at New Jersey City University;
    2. Improve the persistence, retention and graduation rates of science majors at NJCU, a student population that is largely female, low income, and comprised predominantly of minority groups underrepresented in the sciences.

    Opening the Gate: Improving Mathematics Success for STEM Careers 

    Award: $5,301,197
    Duration of the Project: Oct 2011 - Sept 2016

    The design of Opening the Gate: Improving Mathematics Success for STEM Careers includes a single intensive and highly-­targeted activity which will increase the number of Hispanic students who exit from developmental mathematics courses, declare STEM Majors, and graduate with STEM degrees. We will use three research-based strategies to target the structural weaknesses and gaps that we found in our needs analysis:

    1. Improving Transfer Pathways to Increase STEM Majors
    2. Building a Comprehensive Developmental Mathematics Program
    3. Using Technology Innovations in Teaching Mathematics

    Garden State Alliance for Minority Participation  

    Award: $292,825
    Duration of the Project: Jul 2009 - June 2014

    NJCU has joined forces with other institutions in New Jersey Space Grant Consortium (NJSGC) to promote, with support and funding from NASA, the following goals:
    • Build research infrastructures and capabilities in aerospace-related/high technology fields.
    • Improve mathematics, science, technology and engineering education at all levels, kindergarten through graduate school.
    • Foster partnerships among industry, government and private entities to meet Space Grant goals.
    • Enhance public science literacy.

    Biomedical Science Education Postdoctoral Training Program New Jersey City University in partnership with UMNDJ – Robert Wood Medical School 

    Award: $253,782
    Duration of the Project: Aug 2010 - July 2015

    The purpose of this project is to establish a NJCU Institutional Research and Academic Career Development Award (IRACDA) Program as part of the proposed Biomedical Science Education Postdoctoral Training Program consortium effort primarily seated at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (RWJMS). The spirit of the NIH-­‐GMS initiative is to support teaching and research collaborations between research-­‐intensive universities and minority-­‐serving institutions (MSIs). Over a period of three years one RWJMS postdoctoral scholar each year will be mentored by one of two senior NJCU faculty members. Each NJCU faculty member/postdoctoral scholar team will design and incorporate an element of biomedical research inquiry into a course during their second year together.

    Northern NJ Math and Science (MAST) Teacher Fellowship Program 

    Award: $1,499,452
    Duration of the Project: Oct 2009 - Sept 2014

    The objectives of the MAST Fellowship Program are:

    • To recruit 20 graduate students into a post-baccalaureate certification program to become mathematics and science teachers.
    • To place the MAST Fellows into jobs in three urban, high-need school districts (Jersey City, Union City, and Academy Charter High School)
    • To support the MAST Fellows in their first four years of teaching so that they are retained in their jobs and become exemplary science and mathematics teachers.
    For more information about the program, please visit here 

    Improving the Pipeline in STEM Education - Union County College and New Jersey City University 

    Award: $3,499,057
    Duration of the Project: Oct 2009 - Sept 2014

    The proposed Cooperative Arrangement Title V Project represents a carefully planned and focused attempt by Union County College and New Jersey City University to address shared problems – the loss of Latino students from the STEM educational pipeline and the lack of Latinos succeeding in STEM fields – in a way that will be far more effective when accomplished jointly than if attempted separately. The proposed outcomes reflect centrally on the missions of the institutions, and represent distinct geographic, economic and programmatic efficiencies.


    New Jersey Space Grant Consortium 

    NJCU has joined forces with several NJ universities on a NASA funded initiative to provide support to students conducting research in NASA or STEM initiatives.

    Major funded projects 

    Major funded projects in the period 2001-2012