For more information about the STEM programs and opportunities, please contact the chairperson of the Department.


    Biology Department

    Dr. John C. Grew, Chairman
    Science Building, Room 335
    voice: 201.200.3054


    Chemistry Department

    Dr. Kenneth Yamaguchi, Chairman
    Science Building, Room 425
    voice: 201.200-2097


    Computer Science Department

    Dr. Jean-Claude Ngatchou, Chairman
    Karnoutsos Hall, Room 415
    voice: 201.200.3291


    Geoscience Department

    Dr. Nurdan S. Aydin, Chairman
    Vodra Hall, Room 601
    voice: 201.200.3108


    Mathematics Department

    Dr. Beimnet Teclezghi, Chairman
    Karnoutsos Hall, Room 3528
    voice: 201.200.3139


    Physics Department

    Dr. Alberto A. Pinkás, Chairman
    Science Building, Room 518
    voice: 201.200.3464