NJSGC - New Jersey Space Grant Consortium

  • NJCU has joined forces with other other institutions in New Jersey Space Grant Consortium (NJSGC) to promote, with support and funding from NASA, the following goals:
    • Build research infrastructures and capabilities in aerospace-related/high technology fields.
    • Improve mathematics, science, technology and engineering education at all levels, kindergarten through graduate school.
    • Foster partnerships among industry, government and private entities to meet Space Grant goals.
    • Enhance public science literacy.
    To fulfilment of its mission, NJSGC strives:
    • To provide undergraduate and graduate level fellowships and scholarships;
    • To support programs for K-12 students with special focus on minorities and underserved;
    • To support faculty enhancements and curriculum development;
    • To provide seed funding to support cutting edge research initiatives;
    • To support programs to enhance science and space exploration literacy or the general public;
    • To provide K-12 Science Education Fellowships;
    • To support informal science education program for individuals of all ages;
    • To foster Educational Technology Transfer; and
    • To support NJ systemic improvements in science, mathematics and technology.
    This program offers financial support to research by undergraduate and graduate students.

    For more information, please contact:

    Dr. Alberto A. Pinkás
    Department of Physics
    New Jersey City University
    2039 Kennedy Boulevard
    Jersey CIty, NJ 07305
    (201) 200-3464

    To be considered for the program complete and submit the corresponding application forms.