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Mission and Guiding Principles

  • Our Mission 

    We meet the challenges presented by a diverse, urban student population by providing quality services that are proactive and student centered. We seek to improve the quality of life for students in everything we do and to empower students to be the best that they can be. 
    We recognize that students' needs are constantly changing and that we must constantly reassess what we do and why. We work to deliver the best services in the most expedient, efficient and effective ways possible. We strive to do this in a caring and supportive manner.
    By remaining student centered and service-oriented, we meet our responsibility of enhancing students' involvement, reinforcing their academic experience, creating and maintaining a nurturing climate, while at the same time presenting challenges to students which further their leadership abilities.

    Guiding Principles 

    Respect for Student:  
    Students are shown the utmost respect. They are treated with courtesy and dignity, and their voices are heard. 
    Student Focused:  
    The needs and concerns of students are addressed first. The goal of our work is to benefit the students. Our focus is placed on outcomes rather than procedures. 
    Student as Customer:  
    We anticipate the needs of students and we meet or exceed their expectations. Our priorities are shifted from generating rules to generating opportunities and solving problems.  
    Empower Students and Act as Advocates:  
    Students are empowered to speak and act for themselves. We educate students about their rights and responsibilities. We are willing to devote extra time and effort to serve as their advocates, articulate their needs, express their concerns, and act on their behalf. 
    Accessible, Efficient and Effective Service:  
    We are a skilled, accessible, and valued staff, working as a team and empowered to impact policies and procedures effecting students. 
    Constant Self-Assessment and Change:  
    We evaluate what we do on a regular basis, seek input from students, and are willing to make changes for improvements and to meet new needs. We never assume that what we are doing now is going to work for students next year.
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