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Student Affairs University-wide Committees

    The Division of Student Affairs 
    " Collaboration, Communication, and Commitment"  
    Dr. John Melendez, Vice President for Student Affairs, chairs two significant University-wide Committees; the Strategic Enrollment Management Committee (SEMC) and the Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT). Each Committe utilizes Collaboration, Communication, and Commitment in executing their missions to provide optimal enrollment and safety services to New Jersey City University students and staff.

    Membership list for both Committees are provided on the sub-pages. 


    The Strategic Enrollment Management Committee 

    The Strategic Enrollment Management Committee, which includes staff members from cross-divisional offices that are involved in the enrollment process, is responsible for developing, tracking, and implementing enrollment goals and retention initiatives. This model of enrollment management allows the University to continue the current organizational structure and reporting lines while fostering collaboration and communication among Divisions. 


    The Critical Incident Response Team 

    The Vice President for Student Affairs along with Mr. Bruce Harman, Director of Public Safety, serve as co-chairs for the CIRT which is responsible for the development, implementation, and maintenance of a University-wide plan of preparedness for emergencies.