• Give voice to your potential.


    Welcome to the website of the New Jersey City University Toastmasters Club, a chapter of Toastmasters International located in District 83.
    Does the thought of speaking in front of an audience make you nervous ? Would you like to lead your meetings more effectively? Do you have wonderful ideas but have trouble getting those across? If so, then you are no different than most.

    Countless surveys show that presentation skills are crucial to success in the work place. The person with strong communication skills has a clear advantage over tongue-tied colleagues. Many people pay thousands of dollars for seminars to gain the skill and confidence necessary to face an audience. But there’s another option that is less expensive and held in high regard in business circles – Toastmasters International. This organization has been around for more than 80 years and now has about 211,000 members in 10,500 clubs in 90 countries.

    Toastmasters can benefit you in the following ways:

    • conduct more effective meetings
    • give better presentations
    • hone management skills
    • work better with fellow employees
    • effectively develop and present ideas
    • offer constructive criticism
    • accept criticism more objectively

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