Comprehensive Statewide Transfer Agreement

  • For full text of the Comprehensive Statewide Transfer Agreement, endorsed by the NJ Presidents’ Council, 9/22/08 please visit  .




    In accordance with the Comprehensive Statewide Transfer Agreement* (hereafter known as the “Agreement”), transfer students at New Jersey City University can appeal a decision that he/she believes is not consistent with the Agreement.
    The Agreement and accompanying appeals procedure are not intended to initiate a request for course substitutions. Students wishing to make such a request should file a “Request to Substitute General Studies Area Requirements” form.
    Appeals Procedure: 

    Appeals must include both the reason for appeal and all supporting documentation to verify course credit and placement. 

    The transfer student must file a written complaint with the Director of University Advisement Center within thirty days on any evaluation decision that the student is not in agreement, to the following email address:  .
    Upon receipt of the Director’s decision, which is due to the student within fifteen days of receipt, the student may appeal directly to the Vice President for Academic Affairs within ten days. The Vice President’s decision is final and is due to the student within ten days of receipt.
    All decisions will be communicated to the student via the student’s NJCU email address and mailing address, which requires the student to establish a GothicNet ID and maintain a current, up-to-date mailing address prior to submitting the form.