Frequently Asked Questions

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    Q:  What courses can be transferred to New Jersey City University?   
    A:  College level courses earned with a grade of “C” or higher from an accredited institution or program in the United States can be transferred into New Jersey City University. In most schools, a college level course has a course number of 100 or higher.
    Q:  Do international credentials transfer to NJCU?  
    A:  Yes. Courses taken at foreign schools can be accepted to New Jersey City University provided they have been evaluated by a foreign credential evaluation service (ex. World Education Services or Educational Credential Evaluators).
    Q:  How many credits can I transfer to NJCU?  
    A:  The maximum number of transfer credits accepted into NJCU is 96, of which 66 can be from community colleges and other 2-year schools.
    Q:  What is “blanket credit” and who is eligible to receive it?  
    A:  Blanket credit is awarded to recipients of A.A. and A.S. degrees from colleges in the state of New Jersey. This covers All University Requirement (AUR) courses and General Studies courses in Areas A through F. A maximum of 66 credits is accepted in transfer toward the NJCU degree.

    Q:  Can I receive blanket credit for an A.A.S. degree?   
    A:  No. This type of degree is not considered a transfer degree. A course-by-course evaluation is done with a maximum of 66 credits accepted in transfer towards the NJCU degree. 
    Q:  I would like to take a course at another college. Is this permitted while attending NJCU?  
    A: Dual admission is permitted with prior approval from the Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Deborah Woo.  Transfer students seeking dual admission can email Dr. Woo at with requests.
    Q:  Can I transfer all my NJCU credits to another college?   
    A:  It depends on the course number and grade received. It is best to check with the college you are transferring to for verification.
    Q:  What is CLEP?   
    A: CLEP (College Level Examination Program) allows a student to validate knowledge of college level courses gained through independent work and/or experience. There are 35 different exams available. A minimum score of “50” is required for transfer credit. CLEP information can be obtained at the Transfer Resource Center in the University Advisement Center (Vodra, 101).
    If you don't see a question listed that you'd like to know the answer to, 
    please call the Transfer Resource Center at (201) 200-3395 
    or visit us in Vodra Hall, Rm 101.