Writing Assessment Info


    What is the Writing Assessment Exam?

    The Writing Assessment Exam is a test of your reading and writing skills.  The State of New Jersey Teacher Certification Code requires that NJCU demonstrate that you are a competent reader and writer.  You must be able to teach using Standard English. 

    Why do I need to take it?

    The Writing Assessment Exam is required of all undergraduates -- including transfer students -- in the College of Education.  You will be required to pass the exam before you can go out into the field for either your junior or senior internship (student teaching). Graduate Students must take and pass the Writing Assessment prior to matriculation into a graduate degree program. 

    When do I need to take it?

    You should take the test at the beginning of your course work as an education major.  We recommend you take the test as soon as you enroll in the Education Challenge or any other initial education coursework.  Do not postpone taking the test!  If you do not pass the test and need to take courses to help you with your writing, you may be prevented from continuing on with your education coursework.



    Test Schedule

    The College of Education Writing Assessment is administered during the following times:

    Mid October
    Mid November
    Mid February
    Late April
    Mid June
    Late July
    Upcoming Test Dates:

    Saturday, February 6, 2016
    Thursday, February 18, 2016

    Saturday, April 16, 2016
    Thursday, April 21, 2016

    (Registration begins January 11, 2016)


    TEST of Reading & Writing

    Are you worried about the exam?  Take a 
    sample exam on your own first. 
    Practice the exam under test conditions. Give yourself two hours to complete the reading and writing. 
    Then, look at the 
    sample scored exams, so that you can better understand the expectations of the Writing Assessment!
    You can also take your pratice exam to the 
    Writing Center for feedback from a tutor. 

    If there is a problem with your registration confirmation please call Theresa Spataro at 201-200-3343, a minimum of 7 days prior to the test date.



     COE Writing Assessment Anxiety?  LEARNING EXPRESS Can HELP! 

    Follow these steps:  

    1. Go the Library Home Page, http://www.njcu.edu/guarini/  
    2. Click on Databases by Title, http://www.njcu.edu/guarini/databases/Alpha.htm 
    3. Click on Learning Express
    4. Under New Users, Click the Register button
    5. SET UP AN INDIVIDUAL ACCOUNT (6 character min. for username and password)
    6. Under All Centers, Click College Center
    7. Click the practice that you need.
    8. For Grammar Skills click here 

    For any problems, please call 201-200-3033 (Guarini Library Reference Desk) 

    If you Failed the Writing Assessment (TOW&R), you may receive a copy of your test for remediation purposes.
    To request a copy of your test click here.