Office of Research Grants & Sponsored Programs

Office of Research Grants & Sponsored Programs

The Office of Research Grants and Sponsored Programs (ORGSP) encourages and supports NJCU faculty and staff in their pursuit of external funding for research, professional development, student support services, and other campus enrichment activities. We manage the review and approval of proposals and the submission of programmatic reports, and provide guidance on federal and state regulations. 

External grant funding allows the NJCU community to:

  • Improve the learning environment
  • Develop new institutional capabilities
  • Better support the academic and career success of students
  • Promote and provide diverse services to meet community needs
  • Cultivate effective partnerships with area organizations.

An Ongoing Commitment to Campus Improvement
A vital campus resource for faculty and staff seeking funding for their research, scholarly, and creative endeavors, the ORGSP provides support across the entire award spectrum. 

What We Do

Pre-Award Services

  • Identify possible funding sources
  • Develop and prepare proposal budgets
  • Review proposals for formatting, accuracy, and adherence to funding agency requirements
  • Complete agency forms, assurances and certifications, and when necessary, provide institutional statistics
  • Assist with online proposal applications and electronic submissions
  • Negotiate award terms and conditions with federal and non-federal sponsors
  • Meet with faculty and staff to discuss funding search strategy, proposal development best practices, and funding agency reviews

Post-Award Services

  • Ensure compliance with institutional, as well as funding agency requirements and guidelines
  • Plan kick-off meeting with project, ORGSP, and grant accounting personnel, and external partners
  • Assist with budget revisions, carryovers, project continuation, and no-cost extension requests
  • Liaise with Grant Accounting Office
  • Provide guidance in procuring equipment and educational supplies
  • Review interim and final programmatic reports
  • Meet with faculty and staff to discuss all aspects of post-award grant management

Research Integrity

  • The ORGSP ensures compliance with guidelines as mandated by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Office of Research Integrity (ORI).

How We Can Help You

The ORGSP staff strives to deliver high-quality, professional and timely service to NJCU faculty and staff, and welcomes the opportunity to assist you in your efforts to obtain external funding. We encourage you to communicate early and schedule a face-to-face meeting for an overview of services, processes, and procedures.

Email all requests for support, services or assistance from the Office of Research Grants and Sponsored Programs staff team to with cc to 

If you would like to discuss your project ideas, find out what kind of funding might be available, or learn how to use online funding research tools, please contact Dr. Ashok Vaseashta, Executive Director of the ORGSP, at (201) 200-2453 or or Valerie Rodriguez at (201) 200-3364.


Location: Professional Studies Building, Room 402

For all inquiries, contact:
Dr. Ashok Vaseashta (
Executive Director and Chair, IRB
(201) 200-2453

Administrative Assistant:
Valerie Rodriguez, (
Administrative Assistant
(201) 200-3364


Yulia Mishkevich, (
Assistant Director
(201) 200-2459

Kelly Resch, (
IRB Coordinator and Pre-Award Specialist
(201) 200-3461