Signature Assignment Information for Students

Signature Assignment Information for Students

  • Each Gen Ed course covers two of the six University-wide student learning outcomes in the context of work on (inter)disciplinary subject matter. 

  • Students complete and submit to instructors, for a grade and for program assessment purposes, end-of-semester “signature assignments” that demonstrate their achievement of the two University-wide learning outcomes covered in their Gen Ed courses. 

  • For information on which University-wide learning outcomes are covered and assessed in your Gen Ed course, please view the file Gen Ed courses by Tier, Mode of Inquiry, and University-wide student learning outcomes.

  • The specific dimensions for each outcome may be viewed here. These are the skills that students develop throughout the semester and demonstrate on their signature assignments. 

  • Starting in Fall 2017, students in Gen Ed courses no longer submit end-of-semester signature assignments to Tk20. Instead, students submit their signature assignments to instructors only. 

  • In addition, instructors assess their own students’ signature assignments. The assessment team no longer receive or score end-of-semester signature assignments. 

  • This change creates a simplified assessment process that prioritizes the essential role of faculty in supporting student success through involvement in programmatic assessment of student learning.


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