Advanced Standing

Advanced Standing

Advanced standing for transfer credit or credit by examination

A student entering New Jersey City University may be granted advanced standing on the basis of either credit for study at another accredited institution or credit by examination. Transfer credits from another accredited institution validated by a complete, official transcript(s) and carrying the letter grade “C” or higher are applied to the General Education Program requirements. Courses must be equivalent to those offered at New Jersey City University and applicable to the student’s degree program. Remedial and basic skills courses are not awarded transfer credit. Generally, transfer students are expected to complete the requirements within their major program at New Jersey City University. An academic department or an interdepartmental committee offering a major in a degree program may approve the application of some transfer credits to the requirements of the major. 

The Transfer Counselor(s) in the Transfer Resource Center evaluate(s) transcripts submitted by entering students and determines whether transfer credits will be granted and applied toward General Education Program requirements. A written evaluation is sent to the student and the major program department.

1. Advance Credit by Examination and Experience, Advanced Placement High School Courses, and Other Courses or Programs Recognized by the American Council on Education: A student may achieve advance standing by presenting evidence of knowledge gained through experiential learning outside the classroom, which is evaluated through the following examination programs: the University-Level Examination Program (CLEP), American University Testing Program (ACT/PEP), University Proficiency Examination Program (CPEP), and departmental challenge examinations. The student must submit examination scores that meet the criteria for credit. A student may also achieve advanced standing by presenting evidence of knowledge gained through the successful completion of Advanced Placement high school courses, United States Armed Forces Institute courses, and military, non-collegiate courses and training programs recognized by the American Council on Education.

2. Advance Credit by Transfer: Transfer credit is granted for courses completed at another institution with a minimum grade of “C”. Generally, transfer students are expected to satisfy their major program requirements
in-residence at New Jersey City University. Under the recommendation of a department chairperson, may approve the application of some transfer credits to the major requirements. Transfer credit will only be accepted as satisfying
major requirements if the department chairperson or appropriate department committee approves
the transfer credit. A student seeking to transfer to New Jersey City University must submit official transcripts of all
credits completed at other institutions prior to the time of application to the University. The only exception to this are credits being earned elsewhere at the time of NJCU application. For these credits, a student must submit a final official transcript no later than October 15 for fall applicants and February 28 for spring applicants.

3. Advance credit by transfer with an A.A. or A.S. degree from an Accredited Two or Four-Year College in the State of New Jersey: Graduates from accredited two or four-year colleges in New Jersey with an A.A. or A.S. degree, who earned a C.G.P.A. of at least 2.0 (on a scale of 4.0) may transfer up to a maximum of 66 credits to New Jersey City University, thereby satisfying the University’s General Education Program requirements.