Application for Admission

Application for Admission

Application for admission to a major program

Each student must apply for admission to a major by filing an Undergraduate Declaration of Program of Study form at the University Advisement Center or with the major program department. 

Certain majors require completion of pre-major courses and/or a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) before application. Prospective music majors must audition in person before Music Department faculty. Depending on the pre-major requirements, students may need to apply for admission into their major during their first year. Students should apply for acceptance to a major program at the earliest time permitted. Specific information on individual program requirements is available from each department. 

A minimum CGPA of 2.0 is required for admission to most majors. Some departments require a minimum CGPA as high as 2.75 for admission to their majors (e.g., teacher certification programs). A department may refuse to accept a student into its program if the student’s work in general studies courses is below a “C.” Students can receive up-to-date acceptance requirements from the major department. 

A veteran and any dependent of a veteran receiving VA educational benefits must apply for acceptance into a major upon the completion of 32 credits, provided he/she has achieved an acceptable CGPA. 

Note: Acceptance into a major is conditional and contingent upon satisfactory progress within the major. Each student must complete a major of at least 36 credits, as determined by the department administering the program.