Voluntary Pass/Fail Options

Voluntary Pass/Fail Options

A student has the option of requesting a final grade of Pass or Fail (Pass/Fail) instead of a letter grade in an elective, General Studies Program elective, or academic minor course, according to the following guidelines: 

  1. The Pass/Fail option is limited to nine (9) total credits;
  2. No more than one (1) course per semester may be elected under this option; 
  3. Pass/Fail evaluation is interpreted to mean a grade of “Pass” for satisfactory completion of course requirements and a grade of “Fail” for an unsatisfactory completion of course requirements. When the “Pass” grade is given, the credits assigned to the course are indicated as earned, but the student’s CGPA remains unaffected. A “Fail” grade negatively affects the CGPA.  

An elective is interpreted to mean any course outside the major not specifically required in the student’s program. At the discretion of a department, certain courses within its major field can be designated “Pass/Fail.” 

The Pass/Fail option may be designated by the student only during the first five days of class following the add/drop period in a regular semester, and the first four days of classes following the add/drop period of each summer session. Each student must submit, to the Registrar’s Office, a completed Pass/Fail form designating his/her choice of Pass/Fail evaluation. One copy of this form remains with the Registrar’s Office and one is given to the student. The Pass/ Fail option is not available for All University Requirement courses. A student’s election of a Pass/Fail grade may not be changed after the form is filed in the Registrar’s Office.