Career Technical Education (CTE) Candidates

New Pathways is an approved provider for the 400 hours of Alternate Route training for all CTE endorsements. The program is similar to our instructional program:

  • Obtain a CE in your specialty field CTE Endorsements
  • Complete the 50-Hour Introduction to Teaching Course. Register Here
  • Courses are completely online and run in 8-week sessions from September through May.
  • Courses are non-credit and paid by the semester:
    • Semester 1 = 7 credits ($700)
    • Semester 2 = 6 credits ($600)
    • Semester 3 = 6 credits ($600)
    • Semester 4 = 5 credits ($500)

Admission into semester one courses:

  • Copy of your Certificate of Eligibility (CE).
  • Verification of Program Completion from 50-hour Introduction to Teaching class. We accept the 50-hour course for transfer from other programs.
  • A contract teaching position (not a teacher assistant or substitute)
  • Admission is offered in August, October, January, and March

Required Courses:

NCD 413 50-Hour Introduction to Teaching Course

Semester 1
NPTNC 1500 Classroom Management Workshop
NPTNC 1645 Curriculum and Methods
NPTNC 1628 Learning and Motivation

Semester 2
NPTNC 16XX Learning Environments in Career and Technical Education
NPTNC 16XX Advanced Curriculum and Instruction in Career and Technical Education

Semester 3
NPTNC 1684 Integrating Curriculum & Instruction: Including Diverse Populations
NPTNC 1616 Innovations in Teaching

Semester 4
NPTNC 1693 Educational Assessment NPTNC
1672 Internship Seminar Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators: Passing tests scores are required by the end of the two-year program in order to apply for your standard certification. Praxis test site.