Career Technical Education (CTE) Candidates

New Pathways an approved provider for the 400 hours of Alternate Route training for all CTE endorsements. The program is similar to our instructional program:

  • Obtain a CE in your specialty field CTE Endorsements
  • Complete the 50-Hour Introduction to Teaching Course. Register Here
  • Courses are completely online and run in 8-week sessions from September through May.
  • Courses are non-credit and paid by the semester:
    • Semester 1 = 7 credits ($700)
    • Semester 2 = 6 credits ($600)
    • Semester 3 = 6 credits ($600)
    • Semester 4 = 5 credits ($500)

Admission into semester one courses:

  • Copy of your Certificate of Eligibility (CE).
  • Verification of Program Completion from 50-hour Introduction to Teaching class. We accept the 50-hour course for transfer from other programs.
  • A contract teaching position (not a teacher assistant or substitute)
  • Admission is offered in August, October, January, and March

Required Courses:

NCD 413 50-Hour Introduction to Teaching Course

Semester 1
NPTNC 1500 Classroom Management Workshop
NPTNC 1645 Curriculum and Methods
NPTNC 1628 Learning and Motivation

Semester 2
NPTNC 16XX Learning Environments in Career and Technical Education
NPTNC 16XX Advanced Curriculum and Instruction in Career and Technical Education

Semester 3
NPTNC 1684 Integrating Curriculum & Instruction: Including Diverse Populations
NPTNC 1616 Innovations in Teaching

Semester 4
NPTNC 1693 Educational Assessment NPTNC
1672 Internship Seminar Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators: Passing tests scores are required by the end of the two-year program in order to apply for your standard certification. Praxis test site.