Masters Degree with Certification Options

Optional Masters Degree in Elementary or Secondary Education

Candidates can earn a Master of Arts in Teaching degree in Elementary/Secondary Education in Combination with New Pathways to Teaching. All New Pathways courses must be taken for credit or converted to credit.  An additional 12 credits are needed for M.A.T. Degree.

Additional Courses Needed for Master’s Degree:

  • EDU 654 Challenges in Urban Education
  • EDU 629 Differentiating Instruction
  • EDU 621 Research Methods in Education
  • EDU 619 Research Seminar (EDU 621 is prerequisite) 

The four additional courses for the degree program are offered during the summer and the regular academic school year. These courses may be taken in the summers during the New Pathways program sequence, or after a candidate has completed New Pathways. 

There is a seven-year limit on courses to be accepted into the master’s program. Candidates who completed NPTNJ before Fall 2018 may not have taken all these courses and will need additional credits.

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Optional Masters Degree in Special Education

A Master of Arts in Teaching degree with certification in Teachers of Students with Disabilities (TOSD) may be earned by completing the following:

  • 21 credits needed for the Teacher of Students with Disabilities license
  • 12 of the 24 credits from New Pathways (taken for credit or converted to credit)
  • 1 additional 3-credit course
  • Passing score on Special Education Praxis II

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Credit Conversions

If you would like to convert your non-credit courses to graduate credit so that you can use them towards one of these degree programs, get more information here.