How do I begin the credit conversion process?

Please complete and submit this form to begin your Credit Conversion process. Email the form to

What is a credit conversion?

A credit conversion allows you to convert a non-credit New Pathways class to graduate credit at NJCU.

Who is eligible for a credit conversion?

Anyone who previously completed a non-credit class in the New Pathways program. The credit conversion is available anytime within five years of completing the course.

How many non-credits may I convert?

You may convert up to 15 credits if you completed the program prior to 2017 or 24 credits if you completed the program after May 2019.

Is there a fee associated with a credit conversion?

Yes, you may convert your non-credit class to a graduate credit by paying the current NJCU graduate credit tuition minus the tuition previously paid. The current graduation tuition can be found here. The NJCU Masters Programs that accept NPTNJ credits provides additional information.

What steps are involved with the credit conversion process?

Step 1: Provide the following information in an email:

  •  Your name as it was during the time you were a NPTNJ student
  • The number of non-credits you would like to convert
  • The semester you were enrolled in the non-credit NPTNJ class(es) you wish to convert
  •  If applicable, what community college you attended at the time
  •  If applicable, the NJCU Master’s program you would like to apply to

Step 2: Send the email to and write CREDIT CONVERSION in the subject line.

Step 3: NJCU will confirm receipt of your message and verify your information.

Step 4: NJCU will send you an invoice.