Academic Coaching

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COVID-19 Academic Coaching Update:

All inquiries and appointments for academic coaching can be addressed via The Hub’s Remote Reception Desk.

Students can enter The Hub’s Remote Reception Desk by 1) clicking the Zoom link below or 2) by visiting Zoom.comselecting “Join a Meeting”, entering the meeting ID and password listed below.


Meeting ID: 636590124

PW: 29425800

Audio by phone: 1-646-876-9923

Hours of operation:
Monday-Friday 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Additional contact information:
phone: 201-200-3513

Email and voicemail are checked frequently during hours of operation. For immediate assistance, please visit The Hub's Reception Desk via Zoom during hours of operation.

Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching provides one-on-one sessions between the student and academic coach with an emphasis on the student’s specific academic needs, for example, course material and skills pertaining to content areas including STEM, foundational mathematics, reading, and writing. Academic Coaches may meet with instructors, department chairs, coordinators, and directors to discuss students’ content specific needs.

Located in The Hub, the services of the Academic Coaches provide communications regarding needs and relationship building among the student, tutor, and academic coach; this is inclusive of booking Customized Tutoring Plans and providing outreach to other departments such as SOAR, OSS/SI, Counseling, UAC, etc.

Appointments for Academic Coaching services can be made via The Hub’s reception desk, Guarini Library, 1st Floor or by calling 201-200-3513 or emailing

For more information contact Meghan Flaherty, Coordinator of Academic Coaching, via The Hub's reception desk.