Asynchronous Writing Coaching

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Asynchronous Writing Coaching

Asynchronous Writing Coaching appointments are available for doctoral students. Appointments may be booked by visiting the Hub’s remote reception desk via Zoom.

Asynchronous Writing Coaching protocol:

  • Student books an appointment via the reception desk
  • Student emails paper to at least 1 hour prior to the appointment. (MS Word document)
  • Student may include topics for inquiry, for example:
    • Please review for general mechanics (grammar/usage)
    • Do themes or inquiries require more development?
    • APA citations, references, and formatting
  • Writing Coach reviews the paper during the appointed time and provides track comments
  • Writing Coach emails paper to the student once the appointment is over (usually within 20 minutes)
  • Student revises paper
  • Student books additional appointments as necessary

As a note, Writing Coaches usually complete about five pages per session; however, the amount of pages completed depends on the amount of assistance required. Additional remote writing sessions may be required.