Remote Writing Coaching

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COVID-19 Remote Writing Coaching Update:

While remote writing coaching protocol remains the same, all inquiries and appointments for the service can be addressed via The Hub’s Remote Reception Desk.

Students can enter The Hub’s Remote Reception Desk by 1) clicking the Zoom link below or 2) by visiting, selecting “Join a Meeting”, entering the meeting ID and password listed below.


Meeting ID: 636590124

PW: 29425800

Audio by phone: 1-646-876-9923

Hours of operation:
Monday-Friday 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Additional contact information:
phone: 201-200-3513

Email and voicemail are checked frequently during hours of operation. For immediate assistance, please visit The Hub's Reception Desk via Zoom during hours of operation.

Remote Writing Coaching

Remote Writing Coaching appointments are available to doctoral students and graduate students enrolled in on-line programs. Appointments are asynchronous and may be booked by calling the Hub’s reception desk at 201-200-3513.

Spring 2020: Remote Writing Coaching has been extended to students enrolled in all programs at Wall campus.

Remote Writing Coaching protocol:

  • Student books an appointment via the reception desk
  • Student emails paper to at least 1 hour prior to the appointment. (MS Word document)
  • Student may include topics for inquiry, for example:
    • Please review for general mechanics (grammar/usage)
    • Do themes or inquiries require more development?
    • APA citations, references, and formatting
  • Writing Coach reviews the paper during the appointed time and provides track comments
  • Writing Coach emails paper to the student once the appointment is over (usually within 20 minutes)
  • Student revises paper
  • Student books additional appointments as necessary

As a note, Writing Coaches usually complete about five pages per session; however, the amount of pages completed depends on the amount of assistance required. Additional remote writing sessions may be required.